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What if your sprinkler system could think?

In a society convenience is king, most home owners are guilty of setting and forgetting their sprinkler system until it’s too late. But.... What if there was a way to easily monitor your systems operation from anywhere in the world?

4 Reasons You Need a Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart technology is really shaping our modern lives. Even if you’re holding off on buying that Amazon Echo or Google Home for entertainment or household use purposes, smart tech is probably affecting your life in a variety of other ways. Smart appliances and home installations are the next phase in the artificial intelligence revolution that will revolutionize the world. But how does any of that apply to your sprinkler system? Many people are transitioning to smart sprinkler controllers to help with water consumption and more. Do you need one of these in your yard?

Here are 4 reasons to consider installing a smart sprinkler controller.

Save money. While not all smart sprinkler controllers are the same, the right controller for your system could help cut watering cost by as much as 30%. While smart controllers still offer most of the same features you are used to such as multiple start time, multiple run times & programs, and seasonal adjust, they offer the convenience of monitoring your systems program history all from the palm of your hand.

Water conservation. Of course, saving money on your monthly water bills isn’t the only reason to consider a smart sprinkler system, though it may be the motivation you need to get started. Especially in the Texas Panhandle where drought is a major concern, the idea of water conservation is top of mind for many home owners. Smart controller are compatible with a variety of sensors from rain/freeze (required by TCEQ) to flow sensors that can notify you of leaks in your system. In the 10+ years I have spent in the irrigation industry I can’t tell you how many times an extremely high water was the reason a customer contacted Artisan. Some of today’s top brands will even communicate with your nearest weather station and automatically adjustint watering times to account for rainfall. By reducing your water usage, you can do your part by using less water overall.

Save time. Imagine you’re out of town, at work, or running errands. You can check in on your smart sprinkler system and ensure that it working according to plan, saving you time and personal energy. Control it with your phone or by establishing the settings ahead of time and letting your system do all the work. Some models are even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home!

Don’t water in the rain. As stated earlier, smart controllers will also let nature take the wheel sometimes. We’ve all walked past homes and businesses when their sprinkler systems were running in the rain. This use of municipal water is unnecessary and with a smart sprinkler controller with a rain sensor, you can avoid this.

Are you curious about smart technology and how a smart sprinkler controller can benefit you? Contact Artisan Sprinkler Service today!

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